Positive relationships are essential for everyone. Research shows that satisfying relationships result in greater happiness and longer lives. Yet connecting is complicated and we all struggle at times to understand and articulate our emotions, values, needs, and desires, especially in our most intimate partnerships. Describing and sharing are challenging when you face misunderstanding and rejection, which can lead to fear and isolation, hindering healthy communication and connection.

Genuine intimacy is possible only when you and your partner present your true selves and accept the good, the bad, and the ugly. This openness and honesty takes risk and requires a high degree of vulnerability. When you are kind and accepting of yourself, and extend the same to your partner, this vulnerability becomes easier. Self-worth is not based on another’s opinion. Instead, it is based on internal confidence that you are worthwhile and valuable just as you are, and so is your partner.

When you demonstrate empathy and effort to understand your partner through listening and getting to know him or her, the relationship becomes a truly intimate partnership, in which both of you work together for the greatest outcome. Recognizing that everyone is unique and that your way of seeing the world is different from your partner’s can alleviate frustration and open the door to greater understanding.

With effort and attention, relationships with depth, kindness, respect, and enjoyment can be yours.


Sandra Fischer is the creator and writer behind Relationship Reveal™. A really amazing team of professionals from psychologists to printing experts helped her bring it to life.

Sandra is a hypnotherapist, professional writer and consultant with a diverse background specializing in communications, people development, and optimizing organizational effectiveness.   She has a passion for understanding the human experience–especially relationships–and finding ways to make the world a kinder, gentler place. One of her many dreams is that every person can speak their truth and feel safe and loved at the same time.

Her healing arts practice, Sandra Fischer Healing Arts, helps people move past the blocks and resistance that prevent them from growth and personal happiness using hypnotherapy and energy balancing.

With 25 years of experience working for companies including Microsoft, Amazon.com, and AT&T Wireless, her experiences have been as unique and broad as managing the homepage for Amazon.com to developing an online marketing campaign for a literary novel launch. 

As a professional writer, she writes copy for websites and business communications. As a consultant, she enjoys project management, change management and coaching.   

Her passions include writing fiction that engages the imagination, stirs emotions and takes the reader on journeys to new places. She has completed a novel, several short stories and is hard at work on her second novel.  Tap dancing and experiencing the world are things that spark her creative mind.

Use the cards over breakfast as a conversation starter.

Use the cards over breakfast as a conversation starter.

We sat down to use Relationship Reveal as an “assignment”, and quickly found ourselves having an amazing conversation about each other’s strengths & weaknesses! That kind of conversation isn’t easy in the best of times, but with the help of the cards, (which acted as a sort of neutral arbitrator), we found ourselves not only having a sensitive conversation, but we were laughing about it! And by the end of the day we confirmed for ourselves that we both married the right person! Bonus!”