Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                           

I am elated to announce the launch of my new product, Relationship Reveal™: a set of sixty-four Skills cards and activities to help you build a deeper relationship with yourself and your partner. 

About seven years ago, while talking with friends about relationships and their complexities, I realized that we were all looking for ways to strengthen and sustain our important relationships. It seemed as though we were searching for the same thing: a safe and enjoyable place to share our best self with our loved ones. But making that happen was often challenging.  

So, I set out to answer the question: What are all the elements we need to know and master in order to start and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships? After years of research, working with experts, and concept testing, Relationship Reveal™ was born.

Relationship Reveal™ is an interactive tool that gets to the heart of what matters. By working with the Skills cards, you and your partner learn a relationship vocabulary that enables you to better celebrate each other, resolve conflict, establish a vision and values, or have fun and play. The cards assist you in changing the focus of conversations from blame, anger, and frustration, to needs, empathy, and kindness. You may also want to use the cards on your own to gain insights about yourself, or with family members or friends to learn something new and nurture those relationships.

You have all touched my life in meaningful ways that made it possible for me to create Relationship Reveal™. It has been an amazing journey.

Please consider helping me make my product launch a success:

Thank you for all of your support. Here’s to making our relationships extraordinary!

With love and gratitude,