Our Small Business Journey

About eight years ago, a friend and I were talking about how challenging communication in relationships could be. I thought it would be great if we knew all the things that would help make us more successful, kind of like detailed instructions.That idea percolated for five years and the need remained so the journey to Relationship Reveal was born.

It was my first adventure developing a product. I knew I could tackle the main development and writing, but I would need subject matter experts, designers, editors, testers, legal support, an accountant, production and assembly, and a really great printer.  And, by the time I was done, a really great mental health professional for my own sanity.  The team came together with these great people.

I was passionate about maintaining control of my vision and being able to maintain my core values of:

  • Supporting resources in my local community especially other solo/entrepreneurs.
  • Keeping printing production in the United States.
  • High quality results from design and usability to look and feel of the paper.
  • Only adding something to the marketplace that is needed and delivers value to people's lives.

One other critical item was finding sales channels to get the product to people who would benefit from it.  Amazon is a given for a single product producer, but I was also hoping for retail exposure in small shops and bookstores. The product was designed for touching and interaction. In the end though, the cost structure and distribution has made it tough to sell in the retail marketplace so we chose Amazon and then local craft shows, conferences and other public venues where small producers can create displays without permanent overhead.

After 20 months of work, we launched at the end of February, 2016.  I learned a lot along the way about what I know, what I needed to learn and wish I would have thought about sooner, and also, how hard it is to lose faith in what you are doing, but then with the right people supporting you, how easy it is to get it back again.

I don't know what the final tally will be on Relationship Reveal, but I am certain it is a success. I kept to all of my values and in the end we all delivered on something we can be proud to be part of.  And, the reports from the field are that it has changed people in positive ways and they are creatively finding new uses that I had not imagined. I love that!

I am proud to be a small business owner and to be part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are trying to carve out a creative and financially viable niche.

Thank you for purchasing Relationship Reveal and supporting another small business. I am grateful for your support.

Our first pallet assembled and ready for Amazon.

Our first pallet assembled and ready for Amazon.