Launch Day

It is really hard to believe this day is here. Five years of holding on to the idea, letting it percolate, then another two to get it from that spark in my head to a store shelf. This morning, I thought it must feel a little like sending a kid to college. You've done the best you could to get them ready for the real world, but now it's kind of up to them. They will still require nurturing, and attention but it's not the same. You hope they will do some good and make a positive difference in people's lives. That, at least, is what I hope for Relationship Reveal™. 

This blog will post thoughts and information about the individual cards, and I will share what I am learning about how people are using them. I hope you will send me your thoughts to

So, here we go folks! On to the next part of this incredible journey. I'm glad you are with me.