The Launch of Sandra Fischer Healing Arts

Wow!  The past few years have been ones for the books. After launching Relationship Reveal and experiencing the joy of helping others grow, I knew I wanted to do more.

Years back I tried hypnotherapy and loved it as a modality for growth, exploration, spiritual connection, and emotional well-being. I was a passionate convert and a fan.  It made perfect sense for me to choose this as a tool to support others.  And, I was already an energy healer so I put the two together and recently launched my hypnotherapy and energy balancing practice.

Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries and current research has confirmed its ability to successfully help people do everything from relieve anxiety and lose weight, to opening the door for creative and spiritual exploration. For more about hypnotherapy, click here.

I am beyond excited about this new step on a career journey that started nearly 30 years ago. Time flies!  Everything I've done previously has led me to this point and it feels amazing.

I am grateful for everyone who has influenced me and been on this joy ride. I have grown from my personal relationships and every client who has walked through my door. 

Curious how hypnotherapy can help you, a loved one, or even help your work teams be more innovative?  Send me a note and we can set-up a discovery call. 

To learn more, visit my website, Sandra Fischer Healing Arts

Wishing you the most amazing 2018 and a magical journey to fulfill your dreams!

With gratitude,