64 Skills* cards for discovery, skill-building, and growth.

We all seek the ideal, fulfilling relationship. Is finding and caring for it always easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. Can it be enjoyable through the difficulty? Yes. You own the possibilities and Relationship Reveal™ is here to help.
Whether you’re solo or in a relationship, the 64 essential Skills cards will help you:

  • Deepen self-knowledge and your sense of self in partnership by strengthening Skills you already possess and growing in places that need a little help.
  • Discover the characteristics you desire in a partner.
  • Welcome vulnerability and explore fears, leading to greater intimacy.
  • Play! Revisit memories of things that have gone well, and explore possibilities and opportunities for the future.

The meaning of the cards will change as you grow. Use the set again and again to find the extraordinary in your relationship. Results are real. The experience is life-changing!

benefits of relationship reveal™

Working with the cards provides clarity about what goes into a successful relationship and a roadmap for your present and future together. With solidarity and rapport, you can understand how everything—whether it is shopping, sex, or skydiving—features into your lives.

The cards will help you and your partner:

  • Put words to emotions or desires you may have been struggling to describe or afraid to share.
  • Shift the discussion from what or who is wrong, and reframe it to describe needs, possibilities, and opportunities.
  • Understand the importance of Skills you were unaware of or see areas where you have become complacent.
  • Find the freedom to express yourself in a fun and unique way.
  • Focus on building, nurturing, and expanding the relationship.

By approaching the process with an open mind and a willingness to look at your relationship and your partner in new ways, you will see and be seen in meaningful ways, which is what most of us really want.

What's in a box?

Relationship Reveal™ contains:

  • 2 identical decks of 64 cards that define a range of knowledge and behaviors (collectively referred to as Skills) needed to support a fulfilling relationship. Having two decks allows you to explore and work with a partner or friend.
  • 1 Quick Start Guide with instructions to get you started using the cards right away.
  • 1 Activity Map with one side listing all of the Skills in the card deck; the other side provides eight suggested ways to use the Skills.
  • A detailed Guidebook of Relationship Reveal™ information, instructions, and details for each Skill.

Give it a try!

*What is a Skill?

Each card in the Relationship Reveal™ deck describes a Skill, which is knowledge and behaviors needed to support a fulfilling relationship. Each Skill is ideally present in every relationship, even in small amounts. These are not ranked in any way. Each Skill can stand alone or combine with others for clarity or depth. You decide what is important and relevant. Each card also includes:

  • A Query question to get you thinking
  • Practice suggestions, a list of immediate actions to develop the Skill.
I was finally ready to date and was faced with the daunting task of creating an online dating profile. Relationship Reveal helped me crystallize my ideal mate.”